Alban Berg (Cambridge 1931)

Conductor and music director
Stephan Pas
+ 31 (0) 612 395 883

Intendant and concert programming
Maarten Brandt

Postal address
Alban Berg Ensemble
Zandkamp 63, NL 3828GD  Amersfoort, The Netherlands
+ 31 (0) 612 395 883

Impressum and Copyright
The Stichting Alban Berg Ensemble (until March 2nd, 2012 officially known as Stichting Ensemble Contours) was established by notarial deed on June 22nd, 2004 (Notarial Protest mb/2004.007760.01). It was registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce on June 24th 2004 under KvK no: 321 02 894. SBI-code: 90011 – Practice of the Performing Arts. Change of bye-laws (and changing its name in Stichting Alban Berg Ensemble) on March 2nd, 2012.

The Stichting Alban Berg Ensemble is a non-profit organization and is a registered charity since July 27th, 2012 under no. 82 943 (RSIN: 813 747 119). It subsequently also acquired the status of Cultural Charity together with the corresponding tax-benefits.

The current service- and tradenames – designating the activities of the Foundation in the Practice of the Perfoming Arts – (e.g. Alban Berg Ensemble; Alban Berg – Ensemble; Alban Berg – Ensemble, Ensemble for Contemporary Music; Stichting Alban Berg Ensemble, etc.) have been designed on January 1st 2006, and have since then been in constant use, while its logos – on official documents, websites, stationary or otherwise –  consist of one of these names together with the signature of Alban Berg (which is public domain since January 1st, 2006). Both names and logos are SM, TM and Copyright © protected. The logo, for example as used in the header of this website, is (click to enlarge):

Alban Berg, Header Website (HR)

© Copyright 2004 by Stichting Ensemble Contours
© Copyright 2006 of name and logo, i.e. Alban Berg Ensemble ™ (SM); Alban Berg – Ensemble ™ (SM); Alban Berg – Ensemble, Ensemble for Contemporary Music ™ (SM)
© Copyright 2012 (renewed copyright and official registration) by Stichting Alban Berg Ensemble ™ (SM); Alban Berg – Ensemble ™ (SM); Alban Berg – Ensemble, Ensemble for Contemporary Music ™ (SM)

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