Corporate support

As a corporate supporter you can become involved with the Alban Berg Ensemble at many levels and in different ways according to your own interests. You will build up an individual relationship with us, be involved in our artistic plans and developments and you will get to know the performers and members of the organisation as well as other supporters. You may find yourself part of a growing group of people with a congenial interest and passion. Besides, your donation will greatly help us to continue to pursue our artistic goals.

Corporate benefits

As a corporate supporter the Alban Berg Ensemble can offer you benefits such as:

  • Brand association with a first-class musical organisation
  • Marketing opportunities, providing visibility, attention of and access to our influential audiences.
  • Our concerts and events may generate a higher level of media and PR exposure for your company. This may include featuring in reviews, magazines, websites, social media and during Radio and TV broadcasts. We can tailor an individual package according to your wishes and interests including your brand presence.
  • Extensive musical entertainment for your partners, clients and staff
  • Business development opportunities, such as music-based training, workshops or lectures.

Depending on your company’s objectives and needs, there are several ways you can support us or get involved with the Alban Berg Ensemble:

  • Hospitality and entertainment. Select a concert, invite your partners, clients and staff and we can tailor a hospitality package to share the experience of an Alban Berg Ensemble in concert. This may include the allocation of a number of complimentary concert tickets, signed CDs, priority booking, personal welcome and assistance at the concert, possibility to attend pre-concert lectures or post-concert receptions or the opportunity to attend selected open rehearsals.
  • Concert sponsorship. Support one of our concerts and generate excellent brand exposure and awareness among our audience and the wider media. Corporate branding and marketing may include handing out gifts and literature at our concerts, a complementary advertisement in our concert programme, recognition in our public material and promotional literature such as brochures, posters, flyers and on the Alban Berg Ensemble website and its e-newsletter.
  • Project or event sponsorship. In addition to our concerts you can support other projects or events such as the commission for a new composition or the financial help of an educational project. In this way you may get involved in the realisation of new repertoire by the most important composers of this age. Besides you will get your message across to a wider audience and help us in our vital mission to get contemporary music across to a new generation.

Corporate Friend: € 1000,– + per annum
Corporate Benefactor: € 5000,– + per annum
Corporate Patron: € 10.000,- + per annum

Please do not hesitate to contact our development manager with any idea, suggestion or question you may have. Phone + (0) 6 – 123 95 883 or email us at Individual packages are always possible, according to you interests and wishes and donations will often depend on the the type of event or – in the case of a commission – the length and the instrumentation of the new piece We are looking forward to exploring these ideas with you and starting an interesting working relation with you for the future.

Examples of corporate support are

  • A mid-day concert at Castle Ammerzoyen, with a guided tour through the castle and a brunch for your company employees, staff and clients.
  • Attending regular concerts with pre-concert lecture and post-concert reception with condutor, musicians and members of our organisation.
  • A lecture by our conductor Stephan Pas about conducting or about the management of a creative organisation.
  • Support our commission for new compositions

Thank you!

We sincerely do hope that you will enjoy our friendship and be able to build up an individual relationship with the Alban Berg Ensemble. We are looking forward to working with you in the future.

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